How did the Latino kill 50 people at the same time?

I don't know. He must have had a locomotive.

Why did the insane Mexican man hijack a train?

I’m not sure, but I know he had a loco motive.

Did you ever hear about the Mexican train killer?

He had locomotives

Did you hear about the train engineer from Mexico that was arrested for terrorism?

Authorities say he had loco motives.

They finally convicted Thomas the Train.

They found out he had a loco motive.

What did the vato loco say when his house collapsed on him?

Get off me holmes!!

A man goes into a town he's never seen before

He finds someone to give him a tour, but as he's lead around the town, everything is so strange. Finally, the tour guide brings him to a big building. "This is the train station" he says. The man from out of town says "Finally something normal". But when he goes in there's just a bunch of drawers. H...

Did you know that Coco Chanel had a crazy brother?

Loco Chanel

Why did the Spanish train driver crash into an insane asylum?

Nobody is sure, but the doctors said they saw a loco motive

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A list of puns

Here's a list of puns I've been collecting:

How do you throw a space party? You planet.

How was Rome split in two? With a pair of Ceasars.

Nope. Unintended.

The shovel was a ground breaking invention, but everyone was blow away by the leaf blower.

A scarecrow says,...

What must you have if you want to crash a train?

A loco motive.

I made this one up several years ago and have never posted here 🙃

I turned on the news to see a trainyard owner went ballistic, and killed all the people who worked for him

Officials say they don't understand the reasoning, but insist he had loco motives

Heard a guy was making train jokes

They said he had loco-motives

What drove the conductor to commit his heinous crimes?

His loco motives.

Why are trains always put in insane asylums?

Because they have loco-motives

A Latino gang member has received poor customer service at the railway station, so he vandalised one of the train engines in revenge.

It was a loco motive.

Two mexicans attempted to rob an old train for its parts

Authorities say it's a loco motive

A Mexican gang member stole a train for some crazy reason...

Police still don't know anything besides the fact that he has a loco motive.

Why did the Mexican train driver kill all of his passengers?

I'm not sure, but he must have had a loco motive.

A crime scene investigation takes place in a train yard.

A body lies severed across the tracks.

Inspector: "Do we have a motive?"

Officer: "Loco."

Did you hear about the serial killer train conductor?

I heard he had a loco-motive.

Why did the Spanish Psychopath only kill on trains?

Because he had a locomotive

Did you know about the crazy train driver?

I hear he has tons of loco-motives.

I guess he is known to go off the rails.

Where did Ozzy's Crazy Train get its power?


Why did the Mexican try to steal a train?

No one knows the reason, but he obviously had a loco-motive.

After feeling like he's being followed by a flock of ducks for years, a spanish man finally decides to lose them by jumping in front of a train...

I guess you could say it was quite a loco motive.

There is a Hispanic train conductor going around committing horrible crimes..

No one knows why, but it's clear he has a loco motive.

Two Mexican men are working on a construction site...

It's brutally hot out, and after a while Miguel just can't take it anymore. He sits down in the shade and tips his hard hat over his eyes to take a break.

His friend Joaquin looks up and sees a man approaching them. "Hey, Miguel!" Joaquin says, "Look alive, man! El jefe's coming! He'll fire y...

What do you need to cause a railway accident in Mexico?

A loco-motive.

What do you call art related to trains?

A loco-motif

What's it called when somebody carelessly walks on train tracks?

A loco motive

Bit of a dad joke - trains in jail

Q. Why are trains always being falsely imprisoned?

A. Because of their loco motives

Have you guys seen the train that killed many people in mexico?

Police was investigating the reasons of the accident, apparently it was a loco-motive.

A Spanish madman recently bombed a train station...

Everybody's saying he had loco motives.

Did you hear about the hispanic that's been stealing all the trains?

I heard he has some loco motives. (Locomotives)

Invitation to a Scientists' ball

Some of the replies from the scientists invited:

Pierre and Marie Curie were radiating enthusiasm.

Einstein thought it would be relatively easy to attend.

Volta was electrified and Archimedes, buoyant at the thought.

Ampere was worried he wasn't up to current re...

What do you call it when a story has a recurring train theme?

A Loco Motif

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