Kirby Waddles into a bar

The bar was about seven inches off the ground.

Kirby is like a condom

He's a safe choice when Smashing

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A young, former Kirby vacuum salesman from North Dakota starts working at a "everything under one roof" store in Florida...

Though the manager who interviewed him was nervous with only that one bit of work history he liked the kid so he decided to hire him. "You can start tomorrow and I'll check up on you by the end of the day and see how much you have sold."

The first day on the job was a bit rough but th...

What do you call a Kirby that only eats bread?



My least favorite video game character is Kirby.

...Because he sucks.

R.I.P. Stan Lee

Dying: The final thing Jack Kirby did first, but Stan Lee gets all the attention for.

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