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What do you call a large gathering of Irish people?


Did you know that Irish people are very stingy with their money?

Well duh, why else would leprechauns hide their gold at the end of the rainbow.

What do Irish people only put 239 beans in their chili?

Because if they add one more it’ll be too farty.

Why do Catholics and Irish people always fail trigonometry?

Because the catholics are afraid of Sin and the Irish people can't Tan.

Where do Irish people go for breakfast?

Drunkin Donuts

It appears we have reached that day once again where all the Irish people get drunk and start fights tonight and skip work tomorrow.


A joke for (and by) Northern Irish people.

Made from two redditors' comments on the death of Paisley.

"Thatcher and Paisley within 18 months of each other; somewhere in West Belfast there's a bloke wondering what his third wish should be."

Ireland puns

what do irish people call split personallity disorder?


what do irish people call mytosis?

a doublin cell?

what do irish people call twins?

sean and connor

I told a bunch of jokes I learned from Reddit to my coworkers. One of them was inspired to make his own…

What do you call a convention for Irish people with flesh-eating diseases?

A Leper-Con!

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