We were incompatible in a lot of ways.

Like for example, I was a night person, and he didn't like me.

I donated my blood to my ex and it was incompatible.

Now she knows how rejection feels like.

Why can't PC gamers use Uber?

Too many incompatible drivers.

I don't think I could be with someone born after Y2K

I'm worried our dating styles would be incompatible.

A drunk walks into a pet store

. . . and leans heavily on the counter. "Gimmie a shot of Jim Beam," he slurs to the clerk.

"I, I'm sorry, sir," says the clerk, "you must be mistaken. This is a--"

"Goddamnit, I wanna (hic) drink, you can't tell me what mzmblrf kn izzenuf!" shouts the drunk, slamming his fist on the ...

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