Donald J. Trump has been impeached

Finally, something he's earned

What do you call Trump getting impeached twice?


Trump is about to become the only President to be impeached twice

He's desperate to prove that anything a Democrat can do, he can do better and in half the time.

What happened to the government when the president was impeached for the first time ever?

They found themselves in an unpresidented situation.

2/3 of all impeached presidents were done so for the same reason

for embarrassing Hillary Clinton

TeamTrees reached their goal of 20,000,000 trees planted on the same day Trump got impeached.

Now millions of people can breathe easier.

What’s the difference between Trump and Mario?

Trump was impeached, Mario was in Peach

i never thought trump would actually be impeached...

...i thought republicans insisted on carrying a baby to full term

US Presidents have been impeached before, but Trump may be the first to be forcefully removed from office.

To remove him would be unpresidented.

What will the American people say to President Trump if he gets impeached?

“You’re fired!”

Why was Abraham Lincoln never impeached?

Because he is in-a-cent.

Trump gets Impeached

Me: The Senate will decide your fate.
*ignites lightsaber*

Trump: I got impeached just for humiliating Hillary

Bill Clinton: #metoo

Trump has been Impeached

Finally, I'm sick of him looking like an orange

Despite what his detractors say, Donald Trump accomplished what no other U.S. President was able to do.

He got himself impeached. TWICE.

What's Donald Trump's favourite drink?

impeached ice tea

If Donald Trump becomes president and keeps up his shenanigans, he could be the first president to be impeached.

It would be an un-presidented event in American politics.

What did Paul Manafort say after hearing Trump might get impeached?

I beg your pardon?

I'm starting to think the Whitehouse is a fruit stand.

An orange is being impeached because he's bananas!

Andrew Johnson was the first US leader to ever be impeached.

You could say it was unpresidented.

Donald Trump’s last words in office:

« I’m not Orange, Impeached. »

Heights of grandiose delusions!

Two criminals (fighting to save their careers) - one dumb and impeached, another indicted - revealing a Middle East “Peace” plan!!

Donny is getting worried about his future as President.

He decides to call the world leaders he most admires. He makes a conference call to Putin, Kim Jong-un,and Rodrigo Duterte.

"Guys, next to me, you are the greatest leaders in the world. What can I do to stop from getting impeached?"

There is a lot of talking between them and then Vlad ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

An idiot walks into a bar

and overhears the patrons in an excited hoo-hah over which among them was the luckiest.

One among them quieted all to say, "I met a beautiful woman last night! Within hours, I took her back to my home and we did the nasty like old chums!"

The crowd applauded and agreed he was luck...

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