House Arrest

There's a convenience store in North Carolina that's right on the beach. It's on stilts so it doesn't get swept away. But the stilts got arrested for holding up a convenience store!!!

What do you call an ex on house arrest?

“Out of Stalk”

Why do middle aged white executives not have a problem with quarantine?

Because they're under house arrest anyway

One benefit of living in a van.

You can go basically anywhere on house arrest.

A man robs a bank to get away from his wife...

As he sat on the steps of the bank waiting for the police to come he was relieved with thoughts of never having to see his wife again.

Later In the court room waiting for his ruling, he was excited to finally be somewhere far far away from her.

Seeing this the judge thought of the wor...

Hugh Laurie was confronted by a police officer at his door.

It was a House arrest.

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