I got the Grindr app mixed up with the Pizza Hut app

Either way, there’s a 10” vegetarian on the way and I’m not sure what to expect.

What is the Indian version of Grindr?

Delhi Meet.

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My homosexual friend recently started using Grindr

He is so excited about it, he can hardly sit down.

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Tried out a horror themed Grindr app the other night...

It gave me the willies.

Ever since my buddy downloaded Grindr he's been so excited about it

He can barely sit down.

Why is Grindr the official hookup platform of Thanksgiving?

Gobble gobble gobble.

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Last week I confused Tinder with Grindr.

It was a real pain in the ass.

This Grindr App is Trash

Had it for a week now and still can't find anyone to skate with.

Grindr got hacked in March of 2018.

Looks like someone found the back door.

Ever since I joined Grindr my social life has been hectic.

I've hardly been able to sit down.

Boy was I confused when I tried Grindr.

I was looking for sandwiches but all I found was a lot of salami.

What's Carol Baskin's favorite dating app?


I was in an Uber..

..when a Grindr notification went off on my phone. My uber driver said, "I know that sound. My husband plays that game all the time."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I found a new homophone today

At first I thought it was a regular phone, but then I saw it had Grindr installed.

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