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I just don't get how the german people could fall for Hitler and the Nazis

There were an awful lot of red flags.

I deleted all the German people I know from my phone

Now itโ€™s Hans-Free

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What did the German people say about Hitler after WWII was over?

Nazi leader we wanted... Nazi leader we got.

German people are nice, but...

German children are kinder.

Common ground among the German people

What are the German people in agreement with when discussing over-entitled children and expired sausages?

That Spoiled Brats are the Wurst

This joke may contain profanity. ๐Ÿค”

After dying Hitler arrives at the gates of heaven

God asks him his name and on hearing "Hitler" instantly remarks that he should be sent to Hell. Hitler pleads to God to atleast consider some merit for him in heaven. To this God rumbles " You persecuted millions of Jews, led a second world war to happen and caused the German people to suffer a lot....

An American, An Englishman, and a German are walking down a country road...

...When they see storm clouds on the horizon. Not wanting to spend the night out in the cold rain, they run for the nearest shelter they can make out: A farmhouse. They ask the farmer if they can stay the night, and he replies, "Well, I DID have three beds, but one of them got infected with bedbugs....

What is the difference between Heaven and Hell???

In Heaven the engineers are german, the police force is formed by englishmen, the cooks are french, the paramours are italians and the whole system is organized by the swiss.

In hell the engineers are french, the police force is formed by german people, the cooks are englishmen, the paramours...

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