“That’s an excavator. It’s funny when I call it an eckavator.”

That’s it. It’s my three year old’s favorite joke. He tells it to me every time we pass a construction site and cracks up.

What's big, yellow and doesn't float?

An excavator.

Didn't think that was funny?
Neither did the driver

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Gus the Accountant

Gus has been doing accountancy for like 35 years and he's sick of it.

So Gus decides he wants some adventure in his life, so he's going to become a prospector.

Everyday he studies geology, he learns how to drive a big truck and operate an excavator and he starts selling up everything h...

What is yellow, has 1 Arm and can't swim?

An Excavator.

What is yellow and hurts when you get it in your eye?

An excavator

What is yellow, has one arm and can't swim?

- an excavator

Do you think that's funny?
Well, the excavator operator doesn't

What type of equipment do you operate for abortions?

A baby excavator.

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