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A bad workman blames his fools..

EDIT: *tools

stupid keyboard

The Chinese Workman

An Australian man comes to Oregon during the great gold rush knowing of a location where tons of gold has yet to be discovered. Keeping it as secretive as possible, he comes alone and needs to hire help as he arrives. He heads to the local bar where many of the miners spend their evenings. He has ma...

The doorbell rang and the lady of the house discovered a workman, complete with tool chest, on the front door.

“Lady,” he announced, “I’m the piano tuner.”

The lady exclaimed, “Why, I didn’t send for a piano tuner.”

The man replied, “I know, but our neighbors did.”

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The Italian math challenge

An Italian workman wants a job, but the foreman won't hire him until he passes a little math test. Here's your first question,' the foreman said. 'Without using numbers, represent the number 9.'

'Withouta numbers?' the Italian says, 'Datsa easy.' and he proceeds to draw three trees.


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Two nuns are taking a bath in the convent, when a man knocks on the door and says, "Blind man."

The nuns are rather startled at the intrusion. One regains her composure and says to the other, "Well I suppose we can let him in, he can't see anything. He may be in need of some immediate assistance."

The other nods in agreement, and then says "Come in."

A man in workman's covera...

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scot are working on the building site for the 2012 Olympic Games. They’ve been told that, as a perk, they’ll be given tickets, but come the day, they’re told that there are no free places left, and only athletes will be let into the ground.

Thinking quickly, the Englishman casts about amongst the debris of the build (what workman has ever ‘made good’, cleaning up after himself?)
Grabbing a length of scaffolding, he announces ‘Johnny Smith, England, pole vault,’ He is admitted.
The Scot follows his lead, scrabbles about and finds ...

A guy is sitting on a park bench...

... when he notices something odd about two workmen by the side of the path. The first workman would dig a hole, then the second workman would fill the hole, and the pair would move along a few feet and repeat the process. He is intrigued and watches them a for few minutes, digging and filling hole...

What did Steve Irwin get when an alligator clamped down on his arm?

Workman’s chomp.

Buying a beer for Jesus

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead walk into a bar and they see Jesus.

"Wow! That's really Jesus!" they say. "We should buy him a beer."

They walk up to Jesus and ask him: "Jesus, may we please buy you a beer?"

Jesus replies: "yes you may, my children."

Jesus drinks the...

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An inexperienced preacher was to hold a graveside burial service at a pauper's cemetery

for an indigent man
with no family or friends. Not knowing where the
cemetery was, he made several wrong turns and got
lost. When he eventually arrived an hour late, the hearse
was nowhere in sight, the backhoe was next to the open
hole, and the workmen were sitting under a tree eatin...

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Four workers were discussing how smart their dogs were.

The first was an engineer who said his dog could do math with calculations. His dog was named T-square. He told the dog to get some paper and draw a square, a circle, and a triangle which the dog did with finesse. The accountant said he thought his dog was better. His dog was named Slide-rule. H...

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