You should never be a name dropper - it’s not a nice quality...

You know who told me that? Ryan Reynolds.

What’s another name for an eye dropper ?

Clumsy ophthalmologist

Jeff was a prolific name dropper and his mate Jack had had enough.

“Surely you don’t know every person you mention,” he said.

“Sure do,” replied Jeff. “I know them all.”

Wanting proof, Jack wagered Jeff that he could find someone he didn’t know, a bet that Jeff accepted. They jumped on a plane and flew to Marvel Studios.

“OK,” said Jack, ...

My wife called me a "panty dropper."

She said to be more careful with the laundry next time.

Steven Spielberg just announced he’s not doing anymore shark movies.

This is a real Jaw dropper

The King and Queen get a Puppy

After the whole donkey episode, the King and Queen decide to stick to dogs, and get a dachshund. Barely a month old, the puppy was given to the couple after being abandoned by its mother, the only one of the litter to survive.

Night after night, the court physicians and veterinarians watched ...

What do you call a tree who commits espionage?

A leaves-dropper

A Doctor tries to con an Engineer

There was an Engineer who was unemployed for a very long time. Being unable to find any kind of work, he decided to open up a medical clinic. He put up a sign outside the clinic that said "We guarantee we can find a cure for your ailment, for the price of $500. If we fail to do so, we will compensat...

What do you call a cow jumping over a barbed wire fence?

Udder Destruction.

I swear this joke is funnier in person.
Try it, trust me.
Panty dropper for sure.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

It's okay to be that guy.

Remember guys, next time you're at a bar or club trying to pick up a girl, there's really only one type of guy to be. That guy is a real panty-dropper, takes shit from everyone, but remains unmoved, gets more ass than anyone else in the room, and
is the first thing a drunk girl wants to see. Ne...

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