One time I was in a church and yelled "creeper!!"

Everybody said amen.

What did the lady say to the attractive creeper?

Lurkin' good!

Why did the creeper cross the road?

To get to the other ssssssssssssssside

The pyramids took so long to build because creepers kept on destroying them...

That's why the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats to scare the creepers away.

What sound does a funny creeper make?

Ba dum tissssss

What is the difference between a creeper and a sneaker?

A creeper acts in poor taste; a sneaker tastes poor.

Saw a little creeper when playing Minecraft the other day

Call that a baby boomer

A creeper walks into a bar

Bartender: Aw man

My Ex told me she had a creeper

I spent over 420 hours watching her house, I still haven't found him

So, as everyone knows, two different species (flavors) of cheerios cannot mate, right?

That is, if one is honey-nut and another is blueberry, they cannot mate. Anyway, there is this one normal cheerio that is in love with a blueberry cheerio. Unfortunately, he cannot mate with her. He can't even communicate with her because they are of different species. So, he invents a machine that ...

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