chlorineiodinehalogenbromidechemical elementmercuryammoniapesticidehypobromitephosphorusbrineatomic numberliquidaliphaticorganic compound

What did Sodium say to Bromine and Oxygen when they offered a threesome?


Hey mate do you know what are the chemicals symbols for sodium, bromine and oxygen?

Na BrO !

Two scientists are working together

Both have different projects to work on.

1st scientist saw 1 unknown chemical. Curiously, he asked,"Bro, what and whose chemical is this?"

2nd scientist replied, "Bromine"

You wanna hear about the time I gave my girl a shot of sodium, bromine, and oxygen?


Elements of the periodic table are being interviewed

The interviewer asks Oxygen what they are. Oxygen says "I'm a gas."

The interviewer asks Copper what they are. Copper says "I'm a solid."

The interviewer asks Bromine what they are. Bromine says "I'm a liquid."

The interviewer asks Roentgenium what they are. Roentgen...

What did the one element say to the other while they were playing Minecraft


What do you call a frat house in a quarry?

A bromine.

What’s a Chad’s favorite element?


What is all this #Brexit going around?

When did Bromine decide to leave the periodic table?

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