Two soldiers are sitting in a tank

One tells to the other: "GLUB GLUB BLUH GLUB GLUH BLUB"

The other drowns

I own a fish that can talk.

I asked him, "What lights up your night?"

He said "Blub".

Sorry, he's a bit dyslexic.

Mr. & Mrs. Blobby are lying in bed.

Mrs. Blobby says "Blob blib blob blub blob blob"

Mr. Blobby then says "Just be quiet and swallow"

Laughter is the Best Medicine. OK Reddit, whats the best 9/11 Joke You've Ever Heard?

Q: How Many New Yorkers Does it Take to Screw in a Light Blub?

A: None - they all jump out of the building when it gets too hot

Not the best, I admit. But yeah - top that.

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