A bee lives in America.

It's a USB.

.. Sorry guys.

What do you call a Bee hive with no exits?


I went to a beestore to buy bees

The shopkeeper gave me 13 instead of the 12, I requested.

When I asked him what the last one was for.

He told me it was a *freebie*.

I went into a pet shop and asked for twelve bees. The shopkeeper counted out thirteen and handed them over.

“You’ve given me one too many.”

“That one is a freebie.”

What do you call a bee trying to make up its mind?

A maybe

What do bees do when their friend moves into a new hive?

They throw them a house swarming party!

Why do bees have sticky hair?

They use honeycombs!

My new girlfriend loves bees.

She's a keeper.

Son: daddy can you tell me about the bird and the bees?

Dad: well bee stands for the male and the bird stands for the female.
When 2 people love each other very much, the bee stings the bird essentially giving his life and the bird gets a pain in the ass

What would Bears become without Bees?

Just ears.

Why did the bee get married?

Because he found his honey!

I’ll buzzzzzzz myself out now hehe ..

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There was once a really smart bee.

Ever since he was little, he had always wanted more than the simple, boring lives led by his fellow bees. After a few years, he left his job, his hive, and his family behind, in search of a better life.
He flew for hours until he came to a small Virginia town, on the edge of a forest. He landed, ...

What kind of bees make milk?

boo (bees)

What do you get when you introduce music to a bee?


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Scientists have discovered that bees die because of exposure to boobs

They call it die-of-bee-tits

Where did Noah keep the bees on his Ark?

In the Ark hives.

What kind of bee makes milk?


Which bee gives you a second chance?

The plan bee.

What did the bee say to the daffodil?

Hey BUD, when do you open.

What do you call a Bee that is born in US?


If you're ever bothered by a swarm of bees, then stand still and stare at them.

Because seeing is believing.

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How do you scare a bee?


Bees have good hair

Credit to their honey combs

Scientists have discovered a new genus of bees that produce milk instead of honey.

They're called boo-bees

I'm holding a bee in my hands. What is in my eye?


What kind of bee can never be understood?

A mumble-bee

My boyfriend started a bee farm to help save the bees

I think he's a keeper

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(OC) Why don’t Canadians participate in international spelling bees?

Because the judges say they use too many letters, eh?

What kind of bee does the queen bee marry?

A hub-bee, unless shes a major les-bee-an

A lady golfer is seen running back into the clubhouse screaming “I’ve just been stung by a bee!” ...

“Where?” someone asks
“Between the 1st and the 2nd holes” she screams.
“Ohhh! I think your stance may have been a little wide” an instructor tells her.

If Cardi B was a bee. . .

Would she make honey moves?

A bee keeper walks into a pet store

He asked the person at the counter for 12 bees. After walking out the store, he notices that he's been given 13 bees by accident.

He walks back in and says “there has been an accident, and you’ve given me 13 bees.”

The Shopkeeper says "No mistake sir, that one is a freebie!"

You ever wondered by bees hum when flying?

Its because they don't know the words.

I was woken last night to what I thought was the onions in my fridge singing a Bee Gees song...

But when I went to look it was just the chives talking.

My friend said I was bad at spelling. I disagreed, so he challenged me to a spelling bee.

I excepted.

Met a girl who raised bees

She was a keeper.

My friends said she was no good for me. At first I denied it, but I caught her cheating and now I'm a bee-leaver

Bees can fly higher than mount Everest

because mount Everest can't fly

A guy goes to the pet store to purchase 12 bees.

The clerk goes and get the bees and comes back. The guy is counting his bees and says,

"Wait, there are 13 bees in here!"

The clerk responds,

"Oh were having a special, that one is a freebee"

What do you call a bee that falls down a hill?

A stumble bee.

The Bee Story

I hadn't put my own picture up on my dating profile, just a picture of my pickup. But that's okay, because she'd just put a picture of her dog. I sent her a message, something almost-clever like "your dog can ride in my pickup any time," and she responded.

We clicked pretty quickly, and start...

What kind of bee drugs you and steals your money?

A Cardi B

What did the steak tell his son after he won the spelling bee?


what do call a quiet Russian bee?

a cagey bee

Why do bees like to get drunk?

So they can get their buzz on? Pesticides have decimated their family and there is nothing left but alcoholism

What do you call a loud annoying bee?

Cardi Bee

My son asked me, "Daddy, why do bees stay in the hive in the winter?" I smiled and answered...


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A boy killed a bee

Dad:”that’s it son no honey for a week!”

Son:*kills butterfly*


A few days go by and then the son runs up to his dad trying to tell him something

Son: “dad! dad! dad! mom killed a cock roach!!”

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Did you know that female bees have breasts?

Yeah, they are called boo bees.

I went over to my local beekeeper this morning to buy 10 bees.

After 5 minutes he came back and gave me 11.

I said “I only asked for the 10?!”.

He replied “You’ve got 10, and a freebie”.

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Pornhub is now donating money to bee preservation for every video you watch on their new site...

I guess I’m gonna go single-handedly save the bees!

An asian girl gets stung by a bee.

She runs into her house in a panic and tells for father " Daddy, daddy, I just got stung by a bee!!"

Her father looks at her disappointed and angry and says "What wrong with you?! Why you no get stung by A?!"

My five year old told me when bees scratch each other they have baby boys. I told him to not be so ridiculous.

He then called me a son of a bee itch.

My wife got stung by a bee on the forehead. She's at the ER now, her face all swollen and bruised, she almost died.

Luckily I was close enough to hit the bee with my shovel.

Which bees eat brains?


How two bees say hi to each other?


A 4 y/o told me this one yesterday: I'm looking forward to the bees.

(evil grin) If they sting, they must die.

What do ya call a company run by bees?

A buzziness

What do you call a bee that was born in the States?

A USB...

I'll see myself out.

Have you ever tried to smoke bees?

They give you quite a buzz.

Idk about you guys but my parents never taught me about "the birds and the bees."

So when it came down to doing it, I had no idea how to extract honey from a beehive

I used to be a beekeeper, but my wife demanded that I either leave her or the bees because she had so many stings. At first, I thought this couldn't be true.

Then I saw her face, ...

My friend has a pet bee. I said doesn't it bother people in the house?

He said no it's very well beehived.

I don't get what is so amazing about Spelling Bees

Bees B-E-E-S Bees

How does a bee commit suicide?

It stops believing.

When your girlfriend comes home in a white suit, smelling of honey and covered in bee stings

you know she's a keeper.

The Bee Joke

Once, there was a bee who lived in a very complex bee hive. All the bees residing in this hive lived very happily with their own tasks and aspirations. However, this particular bee, named Bart, was quite special. He was an incredibly intelligent bee who matured and learned far faster than his bee pe...

What do you call a Bee that eats other Bees?

Hannibal Nectar

What do you call a bee having a bad hair day?

A frizzbee

If bees start writing software


I purchased this closed box full of bees, it has a warning sign which says

Be Safe

One day, my parents told me about the birds and the bees

"Son" they said, "birds do it, bees do it, so it's completely fine and natural for you to do it too. It's nothing to be ashamed of"

They were of course referring to my unfortunate habit of running face-first into windows.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What is the last thing that goes through a bee's head when it hits the windshield?

His ass.

What did the momma bee say to the baby bee when he didn't collect enough pollen?

Bee better.

Why did the coke addict take to bee keeping to get sober?

Finally found something that would give him a buzz

what does a bee eat for lunch?

hum burgers

A woman who is playing golf gets stung by a bee.

She rushes into the pro shop and says "I've been stung by a bee! I've been stung by a bee!

The pro say "Where?"

The woman says "Between the first and second hole."

The pro says "Your stance is too wide."

If bees reproduce by slave bees having intercourse with the queen bee...

... Then is it safe to say they're into BeeDSM?

what bee no wing


Why can't you see anything through Russian honey?

They were made by cagey bees

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