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Did you hear the government is banning participation trophies?

They start taking down all confederate statues next week.

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OPEN LETTER TO QATAR: you’re seriously banning homosexuality at your World Cup?

Come on guys…

Apparently the Republican party are considering banning coffee...

Part of their war on woke.

What's "Shaddow Banning"?

I've asked every sub-reddit I'm in and no-one is answering me.

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I think Tumblr banning porn has already backfired

Now more of their users are getting off than ever.

Did you know Donald Trump is banning pre-shredded cheese?


How did Musk feel after banning everyone from Twitter?

All Elone :(

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The Taliban are banning opium and will be growing olives instead.

For the extra virgin.

Apparently NASCAR is banning all Confederate flags from its races.

But how will drivers know they’ve entered the last lap of the race? 🏳

Russia is considering banning the internet for most people, replacing it with a limited Russian propaganda version...

It will be called the InterNYET.

China banning things and censoring the rest of the world is mental.

But I guess China is fairly fragile and breaks easily so they are just living up to their name.

Indiana Legislature Passes Bill Banning Panhandling; Anyone Caught Will Be Deported Out Of The State

When asked for comment, the bill's sponsor said, "beggars can't be Hoosiers."

The news about Android banning Huawei is sad. But I know Huawei can fix this.

If there’s a will, there’s Huawei.

I've heard all the environmental activists' arguments for banning plastic products...

and they're really just grasping at straws.

The TSA just announced they're banning erasers on flights.

They're capable of math destruction.

There was a new law passed banning anyone from shouting at a cat.

It's considered furball abuse.

Trump is banning telephone calls to and from the middle east

I can't believe our president created the teleban!

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The TSA has lifted a law banning sexual acts on public airlines.

When it comes to what people want; they finally started giving a flying fuck.

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