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This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you call sex with an immigrant?


Foreigner-cation, for those not seeing it. Props to ImMrSneezyAchoo.


Pronunciation : [kat-ahy-uhn,-on]

-Noun Chemistry

1.An ion with paws-tive charge.
2.The cutest ion ever.

A woman left on a work-cation, leaving her husband behind.

They were childless, but had a cat, whom they loved dearly.
The next day she called her husband and asked if the cat was alright.

Her husband replied with a morbid tone, "The cat just died."

She burst into tears and reprimanded her husband, "How could you be so blunt? Why couldn't ...
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A bunch of cations walk into a bar that is notorious for only serving anions.

This precipitated many a salts and batteries.

The Atom and the Cation

The Atom says to the Cation, "who's in charge around here?"

Cation: "I am!"

Atom: "Are you sure?"

Cation: "I'm positive!"

What is a cation afraid of?

A dogion

What do you call it when a school is made for Tumblr teens?


I’m sorry

What makes a good father?


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