ionchloridesaltanodecationatomelectronprotonionic compoundbicarbonatesuperoxidenaclazidesulfatepermanganate

Which anion has an ​​intense dislike of itself?


A bunch of cations walk into a bar that is notorious for only serving anions.

This precipitated many a salts and batteries.

What is negatively charged and will make you cry if you cut it in half?

An anion.

What do you get when you add electrons to an atom?


Some (eye-rolling) Chemistry Pick-up Lines for the Valentine's season

* Are you made of Carbon? Because it feels like my world revolves around you.
* You're my Lithium.
* Are you an anion? Because I'm positive we're meant to be together.
* My heart is made of Gallium. It melts when you're close to me.
* Are you Fluorine? Because i can't seem to get myself ...

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