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Have you ever had sex in a Chinese restaurant?

Its Wei Fun

What do you call a man driving northbound on the southbound side of a Beijing highway?

Mr Wong Wei.

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3 construction workers. (Long)

There were three construction workers building a hotel. One of them was Wei, another was Daniel and the other was Marcel. During lunch breaks, thr three would go to the top of the hotel and eat their lunch. Wei unpacked his lunched and exclaimed "Sushi! My favorite!", before digging into his lunch. ...

Did you know the e-cigarette was invented by a chinese man?

His name is Wei Ping

I think I banged a Chinese celebrity

She kept screaming "I'm Wei Tu Yung" like I was supposed to know the name.

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A Jewish guy walks into a bar. The Chinese bartender asks him his name...

"I'm Max Goldberg", he says, "what's yours?"
"I'm Wei Zhang, it's nice to meet you."

Mr. Goldberg says, "I'll never forgive you people for bombing Pearl Harbor."
"I'm Chinese. That was the Japanese."
"Chinese, Japanese, all the same to me."

Mr. Zhang says, "I'll never forgive ...

My Chinese wife kicked me out because I wouldn't get off my Chinese phone.

She said it's Mai Wei or the Huawei.

Do you know about the Chinese author who wrote a million page book?

It was Wei Tu Long.

So I married way too young...

Oops, she spells it Wei Tu Yung

What did the incestuous chinese father say when he caught you with his daughter?

"Get out of Mai Wei!"

My Chinese son was born earlier than he was supposed to be born

We called him Wei Tu Sun

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