Why did the heavyset mermaid wear a turtleneck?

So you wouldn't sea urchins!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Puppet Show

A youth group goes to a puppet show. Before the show begins, a man wearing a black turtleneck can be seen behind the stage putting his hand into each of the puppets for a moment and then moving on to the next one. Finally the lights go dark to signal the show is about to begin. When suddenly an 11 y...

Why don't tortoises wear scarves?

They have turtlenecks

A cop catches a Z4 with European plates doing 134 in upstate New York,

so the cop gets out calling for backup and shouts "Keep your hands on the wheel!" while approaching the driver's side. He instructs the driver to lower the window. It's a pale bald guy wearing a dark turtleneck and thick plastic eyeglasses.

"Ja? I vas just admiring Ihre Autobahn. There is ein...

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