I heard they cryogenically froze Tupac

I hope he is O K

Anti-vaxx child and Tupac

What's the difference between those two?
Tupac got shot.

If you have a six pack and get shot four times in the stomach, what do you have?

A Tupac

Have you ever heard of Tupac?

You probably haven't, he's pretty underground

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How do you make a Tupac cocktail?

Start by putting six shots in it.

when you watch a picture of Tupac you see Tupac

but when you watch two pictures of him you see 4Pac

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So I accidentally got a tupac album

but it's no biggie

What's the one thing Tupac needed to work on?

His ab routine. If he had a good ab routine, he would have been called Sixpac.

Tupac walked into his boss's office....

His boss said, "Sit down, we need to talk. I am firing you. You need Tupac your things and go."

What did the dyslexic fortune teller say to Tupac?

Youโ€™re caput!

What did Tupac say when his best friend died?

No Biggie.

Why did Tupac go to the gym?

To get a sixpac!

(Thank you 7th grade me)

What did Tupac say when he drove a steam train?

*I didn't choose the chug life, the chug life chose me.*

I get why Tupac's band smoked his ashes...

...It would have been tacky to take a shot in his memory.

Why couldn't Biggy or Tupac ever get decent internet on their phones?

They were just 2G's

Just bought a Tupac of Eminems for 50 Cents

It was Ludacris!

What rapper doesn't work out enough?


A doctor is talking to one of his patients

Doctor: "Who's your favorite rapper?"

Boy: "Eminem!"

Doctor: "Would you like to meet him someday?"

Boy: "Of course!"

Doctor: "Well he's busy right now but you'll meet tupac soon!"

Boy: "But he's dead..."

Doctor: "I know."

People gave me strange looks when they saw me stuffing Shakur into my suitcase.

I don't know what the big deal is, I just wanted Tupac Shakur.

This joke may contain profanity. ๐Ÿค”

An aspiring rapper finds a genie in a bottle...

"What are your three wishes?" the genie asks?

"First, I want to bring back Tupac and Biggie," he says. POOF! Tupac Shakir and Notorious B.I.G. appear beside him.

"Next I want to us all to live in Snoop's crib." POOF! The three are kicking it inside Snoop Dogg's huge mansion.

I asked my rapper friend if I could borrow a backpack

He said he had tupacs

Why can't rappers take holidays?

They always forget Tupac.

Where do people go if they want to fake their death?

They go Tupac-istan.

What do you call a Rapper who smokes too much?


If President Trump passes away while in office, he will never admit it because...

...he'll continue tweeting denials about it from the grave:



>>###Yes, it is true - Tupac Shakur, the great Afro-American musician, called me about getting together for a meeting. We met, HE IS A GREAT GUY!

>>โ€” Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Decembe...

Which rapper would you rather bring back from the dead?

- Tupac
- Biggie Smalls
- Eazy E
- Meek Mills

why were the rappers late for their flight?

they forgot tupac

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