I really hate how I can't add swearwords to my phone's spell checker.

It's a ducking piece of shot.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Little Johnny swears all the time

His mother is at hers wit’s end. So she went to consult with a Priest.

“My daughter, sometimes we have to strike where it hurts the most, to educate our children. Let me ask you, do you give your son a monthly allowance?”

“Yes, Father, I give him 50 bucks.”

“So, every time he u...

A man buys a second hand parrot

He brings the parrot home, and discovers that the parrot likes to swear a lot. He is not very happy with that, and tells the parrot:

"I will cover your cage with a blanket and you can sit in the dark until you stop swearing."

As soon as he covers the cage up the parrots starts getting ...

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