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What made Jupiter’s surprise party go off with out a hitch?

Mars, Uranus, and Venus really knew how to planet.

My mother asked me to hand out invitations to my brother’s surprise party.

That’s when I realized he was her favourite twin.

I'm thinking about holding a surprise party for the owner of Versace


Did you hear the story of the anarchists' surprise party?

Well, the surprise was that there was no party.

So Thor threw a really small surprise party for his Adopted Brother's birthday.

It was Loki

What do you call a surprise party in India?

Arranged marriage

p.s. I'm an Indian living in India.

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A guy gets his best friend of 60 years a prostitute for a surprise party

The prostitute shows up to the door as the party is about to start. The old man answers the door and asks what she wants.

"I'm here for some super sex." She replies.

The old man looks her over and responds, "I'll have the soup."

Where does a Buddhist hide for a surprise party?

In The Present.

My mother handed me $20

"Take your brother to see a movie for his birthday. Keep him out until 2:00 while your father and I set up his surprise party."

That was the day I realized my brother was the favourite twin.

What's the Best Way To Embarrass A Psychic On Their Birthday?

Throw Them A Surprise Party.

Thought I'd try writing bad monologue jokes today. Like Jay Leno bad.

Russia says it will begin patrolling with nuclear submarines again for the first time in 20 years. Nuclear subs that are 20 years old? I didn’t know Russia had Subway.

In Texas, a husband and wife are blaming one another for sending ricin-laced letters to public officials. As the saying goes,...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Rabbi Nakayama

A small Jewish community in the north has been waiting for a Rabbi for years. Finally, they get word that the Rabbinical Council found someone, and the entire community goes out to the one-runway airport to meet him. When the plane lands, a Japanese man steps out and tells them he's Rabbi Nakayama. ...

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