My friend moved to a new house recently, so I bought him a housewarming gift.

It was a radiator.

I got funny looks when I gifted a fir tree as a housewarming gift.

I thought it would spruce the place up a bit.

If you hold a housewarming in an iglo

Would you then be forced to move again?

The best housewarming gift...

is a furnace

A man went to a housewarming party for his car-loving new neighbor.

He decided to bring his family along and introduce them.

"This is my beautiful wife Linda," he said. "And together we have three beautiful daughters: Joy, Hope, and Faith. We named them after the things we'd like to possess most in our lives."

"That's funny," said the neighbor. "I've d...

Why did Jim buy his friend a space heater?

It was a housewarming gift!

Want to know why I like space heaters?

"They make great housewarming gifts"

My furnace broke down on me.

So I'm having a housewarming party.

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