This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Me: Would you rather sit on a dick and eat cake? Or sit on a cake and eat dick?

Interviewer: we meant questions about the job...

1793: Let them eat cake

2020: Let them be cake

Every time I eat cake I get heart burn...

I should probably take off the candles.

Why did the shipwrecked pirates get to eat cakes, cookies and pies when they washed up on shore?

It was a desserted island.

Patient got heartburn.

A patient goes to his doctor and says, “every time I eat cake I get heartburn”

The doctor responds, “next time remove the candles first”

Now upvote me for my cake day

So little Billy give the "dog ate my homework" excuses.

So little Billy give the "dog ate my homework" excuses.

Teacher: Why on earth do you let your dog eat your homework?

Billy: Well, my dog really love to eat cake.

Teacher: And how does this even related?

Billy: Yesterday you said that the homework is a piece of cake....

What did the Senate have to say about the new stimulus package?

Let them eat cake!

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