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3 guys have a sleep over

3 guys have a sleep over after watching a scary movie, they all decide to stay in the same bed. The next morning the guy on the left says " last night i had the best dream a beautiful blonde girl was wanking me off " The guy on the right says " That's strange I had a similar dream except the girl wa...

The son asked his father: Dad can me and my friends have a sleep-over?

Dad: Yeah. They can sleep over at they house.

Note: Saw this on Dad Jokes and had to share it.

A nun was losing sleep over whether or not to take up sewing

She heard it could be habit-forming

Steve was at the Bob's house until late

and when time came to go he faced a hellish rain. Bob took pity on him and said "You cannot go home with weather like that. You might as well sleep over. Steve agreed.

As Bob was done preparing the bed he started searching for Steve not finding him anywhere. After more than an hour, there was...

My girlfriend left me because I have narcolepsy.

I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Angela Merkel visits Donald Trump in Washington

During her stay Trump asks her: "Tell me Chancellor Merkel, what's the secret of your years of success?"

Chancellor Merkel responds: "Well I have always surrounded myself with intelligent people."

"Very interesting", says Trump, "but how exactly do you know if they are intelligent?"<...

What do you think of the return to Daylight Savings Time tonight?

Eh, I'm not losing any sleep over it.

One fine day, a bus driver went to the bus garage, started his bus and drove off along the route:

No problems for the first few stops.
A few people got on, a few got off and things went generally well.

At the next stop, however, a big hulk of a guy got on.

Six foot eight, built like a wrestler, arms hanging down to the ground.

He glared at the driver and said. "Big John...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What is politics?

A son asks the father: **"What is politics?"**

Then the father says, **"Well, son, that's easy.**

**Look, I'll bring the money home, so I'm the capitalist (the income).**

**Your mother manages the money, she is the government.**

**Grandpa takes care that everything here h...

Difference between men and women

A woman didn't come home one night.

The next morning her husband asks her where she was.

She says that she decided to sleep over at a friend's house.

The husband calls 10 of her best friends to see if that's true... none know anything about it.


I was pretty upset when I heard clocks get set ahead an hour...

Oh well. Not worth losing sleep over it.

Insomnia is very common.

Try not to lose any sleep over it.

I visited a Blonde Doctor recently she diagnosed me with Insomnia.

Don't worry she said it wasn't anything to lose sleep over.

You know how they say "if you snooze you lose"...

I snooze every morning and have never lost any sleep over it.

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