What do you call a man who repairs TVs?

The screensaver

Bill Gates dies and meets God at the Gates of Heaven (pun intended)

God says: “Hi Bill, now in your life, you’ve had an equal amount of good and bad things in your life, so I’m going to show you around Heaven and Hell and let you choose where you go.”
Bill says: “Ok” and follows God into Heaven.
Now Heaven is the stuff you’ve heard of, clouds, angels, animals ...

Bill Gates dies and goes to see St Peter

St Peter reviews his life and says to him: "Welcome Mr Gates; you've lived an extraordinary life so we would actually like to offer you the choice between Heaven and Hell"

Bill replies: "What are my options?"

St Peter takes him to two computers. The first is Hell. It's a deserted sandy...

Bill Gates dies and goes to Heaven

St. Peter is waiting for Bill Gates at the pearly gates of heaven

"Well Bill, you're not Christian, but since you've led a good life, I'll let you choose where you end up."

St. Peter shows Bill a video of heaven - people praising god, floating on clouds, etc.

"Eh, that place loo...

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