stillcalmhushsilencequietenlulltranquilgentleplacidunruffledserenitytranquilitytranquillityquiet downsilent

Since the Covid outbreak began, I own the quietest bar in the USA...

Bar none.

"This chainsaw has three settings," my neighbour said, revving it. "And this one is the quietest of them all."

"You should try it on max," I replied.

He didn't like that. Max is his favourite child.

What's the quietest time of day for a musician?


Whats the quietest place on the Earth

A room of people talking about Tiannamen Square

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What's the quietest album in the world?

Stephen Hawking - unplugged

Which sport is the quietest?

Bowling. You can hear a pin drop.

What kind of dog is the quietest?

A "shhh"nauzer

Human Design

Three engineers went out for drinks after work. An electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a civil engineer. They rehashed their respective jobs, complained about the hours and all agreed about insane expectations and demands of clients. After a couple drinks they started loosening up, discus...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

An extremely wealthy man invited his high school friends to his big estate for a reunion.

Aside from being extremely wealthy, he is also extremely arrogant and prideful. As he welcomed his friends to his house, he gave them a tour of his estate, showing his cars, helicopters, private jets, and even his own yacht, all the while bragging about all his assets and wealth. Finally, at the end...

My boss noticed I have been working long hours and asked if I was sleeping in the office.

Of course! It's the quietest room in my house.

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