Did you hear about the new company that makes audiobooks specifically for deaf people?

They're called Inaudible.

Inaudible audiobook premium, only from me 9.99$/mo

Variety of inaudible audio books available from me in all known languages

Why is O the noisiest of the vowels?

Because all the rest are inaudible.

Apparently a dog whistle in inaudible to the human ear.

Just think, my pet could be sitting in front of me whistling a tune and I can't hear a thing.

Want to know the easiest and laziest way to write subtitles?


I wanna be a cowboy!

"I wanna be a cowboy!"
*Turns into a bull
(Inaudible screaming)

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Do you know Kawasaki bikes?

An Italian man is driving his Ferrari, when a Japanese man on a bike rides to his side and says "Do you know Kawasaki bikes?" before accelerating away.

The Italian, his national pride wounded, chases the Japanese and manages to start to overtake him. As they're side to side again, the Japanes...

Two whales walk into a bar

Bartender asks what do you guys want? One whale says I'll have a beer. The other whale looks over to his friend and says (make a loooong inaudible whale like noise.) First whale looks over to the bartender and says, "Well, looks like I'm driving tonight"

A British man, a Frenchman, a Mexican, and an American are flying in a small plane oven an ocean.

...And in the middle of their flight, the pilot announces that the plane is losing fuel to a leak, and all unnecessary luggage must be thrown from the plane.

Despite this effort, the fuel leak worsens, and the pilot realizes the plane cannot reach land with its current weight.

He tel...

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