An old lady goes to the doctor.

"Doctor," she says, "I keep farting, but my farts are silent and odorless. In fact I have farted 20 times since I was in your office but since my farts are noiseless and do not smell you have not noticed."
The doctor gives the lady some pills and instructs her to return after one week.
One wee...

My silent frog died...

After a noiseless life and a drawn out death, the little guy finally croaked.

Another: Isaac Asimov's "Death of a Foy"

It was extremely unusual for a Foy to be dying on Earth. They were the highest social class on their planet (with a name which was pronounced -- as nearly as Earthly throats could make the sounds -- Sortibackenstrete) and were virtually immortal.

Every Foy, of course, came to voluntary de...

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