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They always punch up the fuckline.

Why can't dyslexics tell jokes?

I've heard it said that a good joke should punch up, not down.

I disagree. I think good humor punches everyone, in all directions, with the blind and reckless fury of an Irishman who just found out his daughter is getting married.

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How do you kill a hippie?

Drown him in the mainstream

Edit: i meant to say hipster! I f up guys haha!

I use to tell good jokes, now i just punch up the fuck line

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Dan returns home from work when he finds his wife in bed with another man

He locks them in the bedroom from outside while he tries to calm himself down and figure out what to do in the situation. He ultimately decides that while he may eventually forgive his wife, he cannot let the man go and so Dan decides to beat the shit out of him. He steps into the storeroom for a mi...

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I've never been a great joke teller....

I always seem to punch up the fuck line.

How do you tell the difference between good Comedians and bad ones?

The Bad ones Punch up the screwline.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I hate being a dyslexic comedian with dementia

I always punch up the fuckline, but at least this is the first time the joke's been on this subreddit!

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