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Long ago, there used to be a city named Sugond.

One day a young woman in Persia asked her husband to bring food from the local market. He went and bought some food and returned.

While her wife was rummaging through the stuff her husband bought, she found a basket full of delicious fruits and nuts. 'Where are these from?', asked the wife. ...

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Charles XII of Sweden, Darius of Persia and Napoleon are sitting at a bar.

Charles XII of Sweden, Darius of Persia and Napoleon are sitting at a bar, watching a military parade on CNN.
Impressed by modern technology Charles XII says - "Man, if i had mechanised infratry like that I'd have kicked ass at the Poltava battle."

Darius replies - "And if i had artille...

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The Shah and the Guard

Once upon a time, far away in the ancient land of Persia, the ruler of the country was called the Shah and his wife was known as the Shahnee.

And it came to pass, in the fullness of time, that the Shahnee gave birth to a son, and this son, being the heir to the Peacock Throne was given the ti...

An Iranian entrepreneur opened a copy shop.

It's called *Prints of Persia*.

Just bought a new game where you have to paint pictures of Ancient Iran

It’s called Prints of Persia


There was once a really wealthy lady in Persia. People believed she knew black magic. Curious, the Shah sent over one of his advisors:

Advisor: So how is it that you amassed all this wealth?

Lady: When I was 13 my Uncle gave me a funny looking lamp..

Advisor: ..a magical one?...

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