two overburdened bookshelves sat in a library

Two overburdened book shelves sat in a library.

One says to the other "I can't take this weight, I feel ima crumble"

The second responds "just have faith in yourshelf"

A woman sends her husband to the market to sell a goat.

After selling it, he stopped by the blacksmith and bought a vise and a basket. He put the vise in the basket and headed home. On his way back, he saw a merchant selling livestock.
Having leftover money, he decided to buy a duck as well. The merchant tells him:
"Listen mister, I only have these...

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Two Amish men want to sell part of their brood of chickens

So, they decide to make their way to the market in the center of a large town nearby.

The younger of the two men has never been outside their small community, and is subsequently very excited and also quite nervous.

Rather than taking a full horse and buggy, they decide to ride a don...
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This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Im really pissed right now!

My dishwasher broke down today, something about it being overburdened? I don't care, she'll be getting the divorce papers tomorrow.

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