oceanicsandsseashorecoastcoastaloceanographysand duneseawardmediterraneanoceanmaritimeerosionforeshoreshorealongshore

I tried to explain a concept to my friend using a metaphor about the shallow water along a shoreline.

Didn't work. He took it littorally

Seamen never laugh at my puns.

They're just too littoral.

I walked up and down the beach all day looking for the perfect seashell, and I found it

It was littorally the best

My friends and I have a lot of fun riding jet skis That time we had a fatal crash on the coast was especially hilarious.

We littorally died.

I saw a lake monster!!! He was walking up out of the water and onto the shore!!!


When I said "Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier," I didn't expect him to do it.

I wasn't being littoral.

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