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The Little Bear

Two bears are walking along: A mommy bear and a little bear.

The little bear asks "Mommy, what kind of bears are we?"

The mom replies "We are Polar Bears" and they keep walking.

A little while later the little bears asks "Are you sure I'm not a little bi...

A Native American boy is talking to his father...

And he says “Father, the other children at school are teasing me about my name!”

Father: “Son, your name is very special. In our tribe we name our children after a significant event that occurred during conception.

For example, when your sister Falling Water was conceived a torrential ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A young polar bear

A young polar bear goes up to his mum and asks "mum, am I really a polar bear?". "Of course you are" she replied. "I'm not a black bear or brown bear or some other kind of bear?". "No" she says "but if you don't believe me asks your father". So the little bear goes over to his dad and asks "dad, am ...

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