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Hitler went to a fortuneteller and asked her: "On what day will I die"?

The seeress assured him that he would die on a Jewish holiday.

"Why are you so sure of that?", demanded Hitler.

"Any day", she replied, "on which you die will be a Jewish holiday".

A man goes to the carnival

A man goes to the carnival with his family, and they decide to split up to enjoy the rides. The husband walks by a tent with a sign advertising a fortuneteller. He doesn't believe in such things,but decides to go inside anyway.

A woman looks up from a small table with a crystal ball and spea...

Putin decides to invade Poland

Putin decides to invade Poland. But first, he wants to check the future situation in his country by visiting a fortuneteller.

Putin: Hello! I'd like to ask how much would a 0,7l bottle of vodka in Moscow 2016 cost.

Fortuneteller: Hmmm... it seems about twenty.

Putin: Rubles?!?...

Fortune Teller

The short fortuneteller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large!

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