Why did the lovestruck king skip the dinner party?

Because his heart had been stolen and so he had no suit.

Gianna, a beautiful woman, was in the midst of a love triangle with two best friends, Nathan and Joel

Obviously this caused tension between the besties, and as such also troubled Gianna - she liked each one equally.

So on the 11th of February, she spoke to the two lovestruck rivals and challenged them.

"On Valentine's Day, each of you will get me a card - no gift, only a card. The one ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two men are sitting at a bar when a beautiful woman walks in...

...and sits down next to them. The man sitting next to her looks over at her and then quickly back to his friend.

"Do you see this girl?" He whispers. "She is is freaking beautiful! I want to talk to her but I'm nervous. What do I do, man???"

"Just relax." Says the other man. "Just cal...

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