A horse walks into a bar and orders a beer. The barkeeper says "you're in here pretty often. Think you might be an alcoholic?", to which the horse says "I don't think I am.", and vanishes from existence.

See, the joke is about Descartes' famous philosophy of 'I think therefore I am", but to explain that part before the rest of the joke would be to put Descartes before the horse.

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A man walked into a bar and asked the barkeeper if they had prostitutes.

The barkeeper said: „No we don‘t, but we have Eugene.“

The man asked if he was serious and the barkeeper answered that Eugene would provide a full service for just 100$.

The man thought what the heck and decided to go for it.

He asked the barkeeper if he just should give 100$ t...

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A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey, orders a drink and while he’s drinking it, the monkey jumps around all over, grabs some olives off the bar, eats them, grabs some sliced limes, eats them, jumps up on the pool table, grabs a cue ball, sticks it in his mouth and swallows it whole.

The bartender screams at the guy, “Did you see what your monkey just did?”

The guy says, “No, what?”

“He just ate the cue ball off my pool table, whole!” says the bartender.

“Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me.” replied the patron. “He eats everything in sight. I’ll pay for the cue ...

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Charles Dickens goes into a bar and orders a martini.

The barkeeper asks him:
"Olive or twist?"

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One of the oldest jokes I know from my childhood

[Translated from dutch, so there might be some spelling errors]

A man walks in a bar and sees a big jar with money. He asks the barkeeper "what is the jar for?". The barkeeper says "If you put 5 dollar in the jar, I will give you three challenges, if you complete all three challenges you will...

A golem walks into a bar...

And the barkeeper says "Livingstone, I presume?"

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A man visits an old tavern

and sees an artist carving a beautiful pair of breasts into the veneer on the back wall. The entire upper section of the tavern has fantastic pairs of tits carved all over, and it is quite a sight to behold.

The man asks the artist, "is this all your work?"

The artist responds, "it is....

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A young man is undecided where he should spend this year's vacation

He asks his grandfather for advice.
Grandfather: 'When I was your age, I went to Paris. I went to a bar and everything was for free. I was totally drunk, climbed on the counter and pissed on the floor. After that I spanked that waitress' ass.'

The young man is excited: 'Wow! That sounds gr...

A Pikachu walks out of a bar...

and the barkeeper yells "Bye, catch you later!".

A bald man walks into a bar...

He approaches the barkeeper and tells him

"I have something in my pocket that I will show you. If you swear you've never seen anything like it before, I'll have free drinks all night"

The barkeeper, in his mid fifties, who has clearly seen a lot in his life, agrees with a nod.


A man in a business suit walks into a bar during normal working hours

He yells "Barkeep! I'll have a shot and a beer"

Bartender pours his drinks and slides them over to the man.

The man pounds the shot and takes a sip of his beer. He smiles at the barkeeper and says, "That's certainly refreshing after the day I've had"

The Bartender replies, "I wa...

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A cowboy walks into a saloon

Its empty but for the barkeep.

"Where is everyone?" cowboy asked

"They ran. Hiding. The black rider is coming" said the old man

"Why are they afraid of the black rider, whos he" puzzled cowboy asked

"He will kill any men, women and some say even children that he sees on...

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A man walks into a bar

He asks the barkeeper: 'Are there any brothels around? I am so fucking horny right now.'

The barkeeper says: 'Well, there are no brothels here, but we have Steve.'

The man says: 'Doesn't matter. How much?'

'80 bucks', says the barkeeper.

'So, how does it work? Do I give S...

Three beers

A man walks into a local bar. He's new in town, since the barkeeper knows everyone else there. The man sits down at a small table. The barkeeper approaches him and asks what he wants to order. He says "I'll have three beers please." The barkeeper says that he could bring them one after another but t...

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An old bum stumbles into a bar...

An old bum stumbles into a bar and saddles up at the bar. He slaps the bar top and yells to the bartender “Keep! Get me a shot o’ 20 year-old scotch!”. The bartender is busy wiping down glasses and casually reaches underneath the bar, grabs the first bottle his hand gets to, pours a shot and sets...

A woman walks into a bar and orders a drink called "Innuendo".

So the barkeeper gives it to her.

Chemists in a pub

After a long day, two chemists, Bill and Bob, go to a pub to unwind. Bob says to the barkeeper, "I'll just have a glass of H^2 0." Bill chimes in, "I'll have a glass of water too". They take a seat as he asks Bob, "Why did you refer to water with its chemical composition?" Bob did not answer, fumin...

Three ducks walk into a bar...

The first duck walks up to the bar and the bartender asks "What's your name, what's your drink, and how was your day?" the first duck replies "My name is Bill, I'll have a rye and coke, and I had a GREAT day! I was in and out of puddles all day! Splashing around, gettin' wet, having fun!"
The se...

A Space Marine walks into a bar.

He says to the grizzled, portly barkeeper, "Bring me two beers." Seeing that he is alone, the barkeep asks him 'Why two?' The Space Marine chuckles and replies, "Simple, my friend. One for me, and one FOR THE EMPEROR!"

A duck walks into a bar.

A duck walks into a bar.

It asks the barkeeper: “Do you have bread?”

Bartender: “No.”

Duck: “Do you have bread?”
Bartender: “NO!”
Duck: “Do you…”


A joke that is too long and doesn't have a punchline walks into a bar.

He looked a bit gloomy. The bartender decides not to comment on this at first and just asks: "What can I get you?" The joke replies: "A beer please" - "ok, coming up". The bartender proceeds to take a glass out of the shelf and pours the joke a nice and cold beer. "Here you go". - "Thanks".


A man sits at a bar crying

The barkeeper asks him: "Why are you crying?"
He answers:"My wife and I had an argue and she said she won't talk to me again for a whole year."
"That's terrible", the barkeeper replied.
The Man:"Worse, the year is over today!"

Brotherly Love

A new Irish pub opens in downtown New York. On the first day, an Irishman walks in and orders three pints of Guinness.

He takes a sip from the first one, then a sip from the second and finally a sip from the third. He does this in turn until all pints are empty. This goes on every day for...

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East meets West

A guy pulls up to a bar and walks in to get a drink. Almost immediately, he is accosted by another guy who has obviously had one-to-many.
The drunk demonstrates a clumsy karate chop and says, "That was karate from China." The new arrival just nods noncommittally and attempts to sit at the bar. Un...

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So a man walks into a pub he's never been before...

As he walks up to the bartender he sees a big jar full of 50 dollar buck bills. Wondering what the story behind it might be he asks the bartender:" Mate, what's that jar for and why does it have so much money in it."

"Well", the bartender replies with a smile "it's a challenge bet, which is ...

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The Blue Drink

Ryan was new in the city and had heard about an interesting club on a skyscraper rooftop. Deciding to check it out, Ryan rode the elevator up to the roof.


The elevator doors opened and he was blown away by what he saw. The atmosphere, the music, the people, it was perfect. As ...

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"Would you like a drink?"

"I have a boyfriend!"

"I'm the barkeeper you stupid cunt"

11 jokes from the world's oldest joke book

1. A Student Dunce Goes Swimming

"A student dunce went swimming and almost drowned. So now he swears he'll never get into water until he's really learned to swim."

2 An Intellectual Visits a Friend

"An intellectual came to check in on a friend who was seriously ill. When the man...

So a Jim walks into a bar...

...and the only other person in the bar (other than the barkeeper) is one guy. This guy had already had way too many, and was fighting to keep his balance on the bar stool. Soon after, the drunk falls off of his chair. The drunk then tried to climb up back on to the bar stool, but to no avail. After...

A pirate walks into a bar..

So, this pirate walks into a bar to have a drink.
The barkeeper looks at him and says: "Sir, do you know that you have a steering wheel on your crotch?"
>Says the pirate: "Ayy, it's driving me nuts!"

A roman centurion walks into a bar

A roman centurion walks into a bar and orders a martinus.
The barkeeper looks at him and says "mate, don't you mean a martini?"
The centurio answers "if i wanted a double i would've ordered it!"

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A cowboy is new in town and enters a saloon...

he goes straight to the barkeeper, sits down and asks him to tell him the names of the other cowboys in town as they enter the saloon in order to get to know them.

The doors opens, a cowboy enters with like carrying like 5 pistols. The barkeeper tells him: "That's Pistolbill!".

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A trucker walks into a bar demanding 2 beers...

he takes the first one, gargles and spit it back in the glass, then starts spitting on the ground. This goes on for about 10 minutes, till the barkeeper asks him "Buddy are you ok?". "Yeah" he replied "I just drove my truck in a ditch and some european asshole with his Audi A6 came along asking me i...

The Pianist

A man walks into a bar and bets the barkeeper that if he can show him something he's never seen before,he gets a free drink. The bartender agrees. The man pulls a tiny man,about a foot high,and a model piano from his pocket and the tiny man plays one of Beethoven's Symphonies perfectly. The bartende...

Heard a dwarf-comedian tell this ( no offence ti anybody) (quite long)

There is a bar that sponsors a soccer team for midgets, so after every game the team and their opposing team of that weak eat free at the second floor of that bar. So when the teams are eating a man comes in and starts drinking, big time. After a while the first team leaves and the man looks in surp...

Two Germans in London

Two Germans wanted to visit London just a few months after the second world war. Because they are afraid that people will judge them for being German they decide to pretend like they are Englishmen.
After a long day of site-seeing they walk into a pub to have a drink.
They walk up to the bar a...

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A man comes into a bar, orders a beer and takes out of a bag a tiny piano and a 10 inch high man. He puts the man behind the piano and the little man starts playing. People are amazed!
The owner of the bar offers the man free drinks all evening and at closing time he asks: 'I'm sorry, but where ...

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