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What did the koalas say after getting in a fender bender?


Did you hear about the guitar that had a car crash?

It had a Fender bender

A man comes home after work, limping.

His wife looks at him, concerned. "What happened to your leg?"
"Oh, I got into a fender bender."
"What? So you got hurt in the crash?"
"Not exactly. You see, when the driver of the other car got out, it turns out he was a dwarf. He yelled,
"But what does ...

A lady hits a car.

She calls her husband and says: " Honey, dear there's been a little fender bender. By the way, what is a bug audi? "

Car Accident

So I got into a car accident the other day. It was nothing major, just a small fender bender as I rear-ended the car ahead of me. We both pull over and I get my insurance information ready when I see the other driver step out of his car - he was a dwarf! I get out of my car and get ready to hand him...

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