What did the cannibals eat in Tokyo?


What does a Mongoose eat in between meals?

Just a little Snek.

What did the lovebirds eat in quarantine when their plans for Las Vegas were canceled?


What do pups eat in Italy?

Pawsta :D

I got a new job working in a cafeteria. I asked the guy I was serving if he wanted to eat in or takeaway and he told me to f*ck off!

I love working in the prison canteen!

What food can you in eat in your sleep?


What does an Arab eat in Mexico?


What does a lion eat in the snow?


What do broke pastors eat in college?

Amen noodles

What do frogs eat in Paris?

French Flies

Me: [looking through fridge] there's nothing to eat in here!

Mortician: I know right

What do Jamaican Charizards eat in Hawaii?

Poke, mon.

What do they eat in South Korea?

Seoul food.

What do spiders eat in France?

French flys


Last Friday night I took my date out to a seafood restaurant

As we set down We began looking for some thing nice to eat

When the waiter came over after 10 minutes he asked us if we was ready to order

We said “” yes we will both have the octopus if that s ok “”

Octopus “...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do McDonalds and pussy have in common?

It's generally frowned upon to eat in a Burger King.

A little bacteria was celebrating his birthday...

and all of his microbial friends got together to bake him a cake.

He was so excited upon seeing the cake that he underwent mitosis and split in two.

The microbial friends all worried that now there werent enough cakes, and that perhaps they should have planned better...

But actu...

In some places in America, you can still eat indoors in restaurants...

You have to wear a mask when you walk in. Once you are seated you can take off your mask.

Isn't that a bit like having a peeing section in a swimming pool?

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