An iron deficient...

An iron deficient female is just a male.

What does the iron deficient giant say?

“fi fo fum”

What are elderly people most deficient in?

Carbon 14

What do you call a mentally deficient cowboy on welfare?

Slow on the draw.

My wife has an iron deficiency.

In fact, she’s deficient with most household appliances.

What the difference between Tony Stark and a vegan Big Lebowski?

One is Iron Man, and the other is iron deficient, man

Scientists have discovered that there is not enough Iron dissolved in the ocean...

I guess the earth has an iron-deficient-sea!

What do you call a golfer who hasn’t enough clubs?

Iron deficient.

Hey /jokes I'm the MC at a wedding for friends tomorrow and wondered if you wonderful people could help me with some wedding jokes.

I'm feeling a little humor deficient and stressed right now so any jokes you know about weddings or love would be really helpful. Thanks!

The doc gave me some bad news today...

I was deficient in VITAMIN U.

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