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What do you call the coming of age tale for a Norse God?

A Thor-igin story.

Also what I think Taika would've named the first movie if he had done it.

What happens to a Jewish boy's foreskin as he reaches his coming of age?


Timmy was coming of age

And so his father decided to help him with his "situation".

He gave him some money and said: Okay son! You're going to go at the edge of town and find one of those girls hanging out there, pay her and she will make a man out of you.

Hearing all this through the hallway, Timmy's neigh...


A U.S. Navy cruiser pulled into port in Mississippi for a week's liberty.The first evening, the Captain was more than a little surprised to receive the following letter from the wife of a wealthy plantation owner: “Dear Captain, Thursday will be my daughter Melinda's coming of age party. I would li...

Jewish Dog

What do you call a coming of age party for a Jewish person’s dog?

A bark mitzvah.

Thanks to Lewis Black

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I'm writing a novel about a guy who grows younger every time he ejaculates.

It's a coming of age story.

A highschool senior is coming up on his senior prom and really wants the night to go right

Senior Prom is coming up, and Joe really wants to not have any regrets moving forward into adulthood. There's this girl, Sally, that he's been pining over for years, so he girds his loins and asks her to go with him to the event, and lo and behold she says yes.

Now Joe is starstruck, the ...

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A man who has an interest in painters and their works has a child.

A man who has an interest in painters and their works has a child. A boy, who grows to have his father's passion for art. One day when the boy is coming of age they have a big argument and the young man leaves his father's house to go out on his own. He is gone for many years.

During tha...

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