What do you call a celiac who ignores their dietary advice?

A gluten for punishment

Despite my wife having celiac's disease, she keeps on eating bread...

You could say she's a gluten for punishment.

Celiac disease was discovered first in France

They know that bread is pain

What number do French celiacs hate?


My five year old (who is celiac) came up with this. Had to post it.

(NSFW) I have celiac disease, and my BDSM wife likes to tie me up and feed me wheat bread...

I’m a gluten for punishment.

German celiacs have one day a year where they eat whatever they want without worrying about the consequences.

This is known as the Gluten Tag.

How do Germans with Celiac disease great each other?

Gluten Tag

What do you call a racist with celiac’s disease?

Black toast intolerant.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What did the celiac say to the farmer?

Miss me with that hay shit

For a celiac..

Nothing is a piece of cake.

Wanna hear a joke about celiac disease?

You won't get it.

Why did the man with celiac disease eat a loaf of bread?...

He was a gluten for punishment

Sorry if this offends anyone with gluten issues. Our son can't have gluten right now, so this joke came to me while I was toasting him some gluten-free bread.

OC Joke - Why did the clown make a bad lumberjack?

Because he had celiacs (silly axe) disease.

*ba dum tss*

what do you call a goofy yak that's allergic to gluten?

celiac silly yak

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