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How do they treat mesothelioma?

Asbestos they can.

What do you call two friends who have both been diagnosed with Mesothelioma?


Have you heard about the lawyer that lost the mesothelioma case?!

He tried asbestos he could

What did the mesothelioma patient say to his doctor?

“I’m breathing asbestos I can!”

So a mesothelioma patient competed in the Olympics last year

She didn't win anything, but she did asbestos she could.

I told my friend with mesothelioma to get well soon.

He told me he was trying asbestos he could.

I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma

it's tough sometimes, but I'm doing asbestos I can.

I made a donation to mesothelioma research.

They're kinda limited on funding and doing asbestos they can.

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed,

One fell off and bumped its head, mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be entitled to financial compensation."

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