AITA for mixing up orders and serving a vegan customer a meat sandwich?

Oops wrong sub

AITA for implying that my sister is an idiot for not vaccinating her kid, to our family?

The funeral was probably not the best time to mention it though.

AITA for telling "Yo mama so fat" jokes to my friend

I may be overreacting but its been over a week since her funeral and hes not talking to me

AITA for not taking my SO's words seriously?

Just this morning she said, "Babe I wish you would take what I said seriously!"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

AITA For getting my daughter a turkey sandwich from subway instead of ham?

She asked for ham but she usually picks off the ham, so I thought I would get her turkey so she can try something new. Just wondering, if I am the asshole I understand.

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