Why is a biplane so unpredictable to fly?

Because it swings both ways!

The most unpredictable things in my life happened when I was friends with a bunch of mutes

There was no telling what could happen

What do you call unpredictable nudity?


What is the most unstable and unpredictable job in the world?

Casts of Game of Thrones.

I have an unpredictable connection with my tap.

It's a hot and cold relationship.

What do you call an unpredictable, out of control photographer?

A loose Canon.

Do you know about the unpredictable weather in Syria?

Sometimes it's Sunni, other times it's Shiite.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Always introduce the baby to your household pets

"Always introduce the baby to your household pets because they tend to feel jealous and will behave in an unpredictable manner." was a tip I'd read in a parenting book.

"Now that's some pretty shit advice......" I thought as my 3 day old daughter fell straight to the bottom of the fish ta...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

In a little village in africa everyone is black except the pastor who's white

One day one of the black man becomes a father. It's a beautiful son but there is a problem : the baby is white. So the black man being super pissed goes and see the pastor accusing him to have a relationship with his wife.

The pastor then says :

'You know my son there is a lot of mist...

Guy asks a Tarot Card Reader, "How's Business?"

"Unpredictable", she replied.

I had a joke about pizza, but...

The punch line was simply too unpredictable.

A man at a job interview

A man walks into an office for a job interview.
The employer asks a few questions to the man,
He finishes and says he has 1 final question "what is your biggest flaw?"
The man immediately replies
"I'm unpredictable!"
The employer gulps and says "really?"

The man has an evil s...

Why are ships referred to as "she"

A fortune is spent trying to make them look pretty and without a man at the helm, they become an unpredictable death trap.

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