"I'm sorry" and "I apologize" are synonyms

Unless you're at a funeral

My dad said he'd disown me if I didn't know a twelve letter synonym for "obstructive".

That's unreasonable.

Bro, do you know a synonym for pamphlet?


I once bought a synonym roll

but they had a different name for it.

After reading the thesaurus I have a strong vocabulary of useless synonyms.

They’re unnecessary, worthless and redundant.

What's the best synonym for online dating?

External Affairs.

Barista: "Would you like Synonym on your Chai latte?"

Customer: "Don't you mean Cinnamon?"

Barista: "It means the same thing, doesn't it?"

Remember, because of synonyms, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned"...

...and "Sorry Daddy, I've been naughty" are the same sentence.

If “ire” is an old fashioned synonym for anger,

Is Ireland the land of angry people?

I could really go for some synonym buns.

Just like the ones grammar used to make.

Have you ever had synonym pie?

No, but I think I've had something like it.

They asked me to name a synonym to the word "basic"

The answer is simple.

I tried using a thesaurus to find synonyms for useless.

The result was futile.

I asked my brother if he could help me think of a synonym for "pamphlet."

"Ya bro sure!"

What is a synonym for the Holy Trinity?

The divine threesome.

What does a Thesaurus eat for breakfast?

A synonym roll.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

They came for our homonyms and I said nothing. They came for our synonyms and still, I said nothing. Nil. Zilch. Nada.

When they came for our antonyms, I was opposed.

This girl said she would go out with me if I knew a six letter word that's a synonym for "calm".

I said, "It's sedate."

What do you call a dinosaur that knows a lot of synonyms?

A thesaurus.

What's the closest synonym to a love boat?

A relation-ship.

What's a grammar teacher's favorite dessert?


Common synonyms of unemployed.

Writer, blogger, and activist.

What’s an ELA teacher’s favorite cereal?

Synonym toast crunch

What do they serve for breakfast in Grammer class?

Synonym toast.

I tried making pancakes...

But I ended up with flapjacks instead. I guess I used too much synonym

You could join an angling company that pays 10k a day

but, it seems kind of fishy and theres a catch to it

(btw angling is a synonym of fishing)

English is a funny language

"Jail" and "Prison" are synonyms.
But, "Jailer" and "Prisoner" are antonyms.

What treats do you give someone who knows a lot of words?

Synonym Rolls

This old man approached me. He said, "I planted some seeds somewhere and I can't remember what allotment."

"It's a synonym for 'many'," I replied, "but I can't help you with the first bit."

What does an English teacher eat for breakfast?

Synonym rolls.

My wife was so proud of herself for thinking this up while eating cinnamon roll ice cream yesterday.

If you eat two bowls of cereal and they taste the same, what flavor is the cereal?

Synonym Toast Crunch

Arent a donut and a danish the same thing?

Well they are both synonym rolls!!

What do you call a pastry with an English degree?

A synonym roll

What's an English teacher's favourite cereal?

Synonym Grahams

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