A class is working on antonyms

A teacher asks a child what the antonym for peace is, he doesn't respond. When the teacher asked what's wrong, the child replied, "Violence is never the answer".

What cake is an oxymoron?

Cinnamon Entenmann

(synonym antonym)

Do you know the antonyms of the following words?







What's the antonym of "leaker" ?


I'll see myself out.

What’s an antonym for under?


One day two friends decided to brush up their English.

One says "i will ask you the antonyms of some words".

The other agreed.

Friend 1 : Antonym of 'Always'

Friend 2 : Never

Friend 1 : Antonym of 'Stop' said in a modern way

Friend 2 : Gonna

Friend 1 : Antonym of 'take'

Friend 2 : Give

Friend 1 : A...

Why did the thesaurus have a creeping feeling?

He had an antonym.

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