what language do slavic painters speak


Which Slavic ruler was the biggest stoner?

Vlad The Inhaler

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What did the Slavic man say before he did a crazy stunt?

Czech this shit out
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What do you call a Slavic Tree?

A Dimitree :)

What Do You Call a Slavic Man Running

a Rush-In

A lot of East Slavic peoples lives must be pretty fast paced....

...I mean, most of them are always Russian

What do you call a team of Slavic supervillains?

A Suicide Squat

A frog mother takes her children to register for a Polish daycare...

The man at the door says that he can not allow her child to register for the day care without the proper identifcation. "You see this is a Polish daycare only for the slavic people we do not let anyone in if they do not have any Polish blood in them."
The mother unsure of her ancenstry leaves det...

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