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How do you arrest a beam of light?

You put it in a prism cell.

What does a triangular prism and a three-headed horse have in common?

They both have three long faces

Where do bad rainbows go?

Prism. But don’t worry, they only get a light sentence

What happens to rainbows that break the law?

They go through the prism system

What's the difference between jail and prism?

In a prism only white goes in but all the colors come out

I've just been sentenced to 6 months in prism

It'll give me a chance to reflect

White light hates passing through a prism.

It shows its true colors.

why don't light rays like prisms?

prisms always tell them to get bent

Why are toblerones triangular prisms

To fit in the box

The other day I saw a little rainbow and it was dancing all over the place so I asked the rainbow why it was dancing...

The rainbow replied: "Cuz I just got outta prism"

It's illegal to reach the end of a rainbow

If you find it, you go to prism.

Where do shapes go to pay for their crimes?

A prism.

Why are rainbows always happy?

Because they just got out of prism.

Where do naughty rays of light go?


(Note: I made this joke up. Sorry if this little note refracts from the humour.)

Where did the square go after killing the triangle?

To prism.

I was caught stealing a rainbow once

Ended up getting thrown in prism

Where do you go when you're white and caught speeding, then get separated into different colours only to come out bent and totally different to how you came in?


A rainbow is doing a drug deal...

The cops pull up and the rainbow yells "I don't want to go back to prism!"

What happens to criminal photons?

They get put in prism!

Where does the 3D shape go when it murders someone?


Where does bad light end up?

*In a prism.*

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